TemplatesNext Toolkit is a plugin to help you create beautiful pages with columns, carousels, services, etc.

Currently it has shortcodes for
1. Columns
2. Divider
3. Spacer
4. Testimonials
5. Butons
6. Call To Act
7. Services
8. Portfolios
9. Recent Posts
8. Heading
9. itrans Slider

The list will be increasing with time and user request.

To start find the [tx] button in your text editor tool bar (The plugin will have to be installed and active).



On clicking the “tx” button, the list of shortcodes will appear as popup, select the desired schortcode



28 Replies to “TemplatesNext Toolkit”

  1. [tx] button not appearing, other three option are appearing of testimonial, portfolio and itrans slider. Plugin is installed, i also reinstalled and activated it, but button not appearing

  2. there is no button “add slider” how i can insert the images when i want to use i-trans slider? i just a little bit confuse to using this toolkit
    can some one here post the video for using this tool? realy i’m stuck when i try to make same theme like example. thx

      1. Hello,
        I’m sorry I don’t find where I can add the featured images ? I added categories and I am on the slide but there is nothing to add images… Thanks

  3. Hi, when will this plugin be compatible with wordpress version 4.2.2? I would like to install but get the warning it is not compatible yet.

  4. I want to remove the message :
    Welcome To i-MAX”Welcome To i-MAXTo start setting up i-max go to appearance > customize.
    Make sure you have installed recommended plugin “TemplatesNext Toolkit” by going appearance >
    install plugin.
    I have the plugin installed
    can you help me?

  5. Hi, I have installed the TemplatesNext Toolkit plugin, and everything works great, except for the i-trans slider. After creating a number of slides, and their categories, I add the shortcode on a page or an entry but the result is a bit odd. When I load the page the header shows and then the slider and the rest of the content appears over a thousand times. Apart from this odd loop, the slider doesnt actually work, only the image of the first slide is shown. Without the text or the button from that slide showing.

  6. Hello sir..!!
    I am a student. I am just a beginer in WordPress. I am using your theme . but i have some problem in cart. bcz cart is not appear and i having a problem in add products. please help me.

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